Words matter.

Duels have been fought (and stopped), wars started (and ended), relationships broken (or mended) thanks to words.

There isn’t a single aspect of life that words don’t touch, don’t shape.  Words are infused in the air, our eyes, our ears, they resonate in our minds long after hearing or reading them.

Words matter in business, too.  Choosing the right words can mean the difference between someone calling  –  or clicking back to search results, other businesses, that aren’t yours.

The right words start forging a connection immediately.  They hit with a near physical impact of understanding, knowing, connecting.  They feel comforting, like coming home.

Finding the right words has always been important to me. I’ve spent my life writing, telling stories, trying to bring people into the way I see the world. The colors, the scents, the way things feel.

Poetry was my first love. With poetry I lived and breathed word choice. My pen was my paintbrush, the words the paint. I needed words to fit the rhythm, the cadence, the emotion of the piece. The wrong syllable count, the wrong emphasis, and the whole thing collapsed into a useless pile of letters.

I might not write poetry like I once did, but I still choose my words very deliberately. There’s a rhythm to a well-written web page, a careful cadence to a crafted email, a way to paint a blog post with words.

To draw people in. To feel the click of connection, of recognition, the warmth of:

“Hey, I know this person.”

Because you do. You know the people who need you better than anybody. You know how to help, how to make their lives better.

Do your words tell that story? Do your words draw people to you? Do your words start building a relationship before they even pick up the phone?

Words matter. Choose carefully.