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  1. Through the Glass

    Through the glass, the conversation looks intense. The table they sit at is large, could maybe fit 4-5 people, but they’ve pulled their chairs together. They sit, knees touching, leaning in towards one another. He holds both of her hands in his as he speaks, and still manages to gesture grandly. His face is animated… Continue Reading »
  2. Shiny, Positive, Glowing

    I had just walked in and sat down at a table when I noticed him. He was an older man, skin wrinkled, hair white, and he reminded me of my grandfather. As he walked through the glass door, I smiled at him. He nodded. I had just taken my laptop out of my bag and… Continue Reading »
  3. Young and Restless

    When he first walked in, I barely noticed. His face was red from exertion, sweat beading, dripping down his neck. “Hot out there?” the girl sitting next to me asked him. He looked up with wild eyes, like a feral beast approached by an unfamiliar animal. Eyes moved quickly, furtively. “Uh. Yea. Hot” he mumbled…. Continue Reading »
  4. A Portrait of Tom

    His voice is deep and rough. Like boulders tumbling down a hill and breaking apart. Like gravel beneath steady footsteps. He tells me stories about his life. The companies he started. The nonprofits he dedicates his time to in retirement. His failed marriage. His six children. The movies he’s seen. His eyes are a watery… Continue Reading »
  5. Neither Forgiveness Nor Permission

    It was nearly empty, vacant tables dotting the walls, unfilled chairs skewed at odd angles from earlier departures. I hooked my backpack over a deserted chair, choosing a table with a view, then stood waiting at the register. A quick swirl of unruly blond hair caught my eye as a woman plunked herself down at… Continue Reading »