Through the glass, the conversation looks intense.

The table they sit at is large, could maybe fit 4-5 people, but they’ve pulled their chairs together. They sit, knees touching, leaning in towards one another.

He holds both of her hands in his as he speaks, and still manages to gesture grandly. His face is animated and she nods occasionally.

Then it’s her turn to speak. She scoots closer to him, leans in even closer. He listens intently, completely focused, eyes never leaving her face.

They erupt into laughter, together, heads thrown back at the unexpected force of it.

And then the conversation resumes. Intense. Serious. Again, he speaks to her, both of them leaning in, barely space between them, barely space to breathe.

Through the glass their connection is vivid, technicolor, powerful.

I can’t help but wonder what they’re talking about…

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